Vibration-damping levelling feet and Super-technopolymer ball joint

ELESA+GANTER offers a wide range of leveling feet which, thanks to the different combinations of production materials, shapes, and sizes, are widely used in various sectors for supporting machines or equipment that require a support base that is also adjustable.

Today the range can count on two new series recently added. Let’s see them in detail below.

New LS.VA vibration-damping levelling feet with base in glass-fibre reinforced technopolymer, anti-vibration disk in polyurethane-based PUR rubber and stem with joint available in bright galvanized steel or AISI 304 stainless steel. The new anti-vibration base dampens vibrations, shocks, or noise on a leveling element. The vibration absorption capacity is directly influenced by the thickness and surface area of the PUR element.

This new solution adds to the different versions of anti-vibration elements in the ELESA+GANTER range available in the catalogue, among which we indicate the versions with bases and stems in LW.A steel for heavy loads and LM.SV for lighter loads.

A further extension of the range is the SJF ball joint in SUPER-technopolymer used for direct fixing of levelling feet using standard threaded screws, without the need for a threaded stem.

This component is suitable, for example, where the mounting of plates on a levelling element is required or where the applied load is low. ELESA+GANTER SJF joints can be mounted on LS.A, LV.A, LV.F and LV.FO bases, available with or without non-slip disc.

The ELESA+GANTER range of levelling elements stands out not only for its width, but also for its high-performance technical characteristics deriving from the use of high-quality production materials, for a unique and unmistakable design and for the surface finishes that facilitate cleaning operations.

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