Hygienic Clean Latches


Elesa+Ganter GN 1150 Hygienic Design Latch

  • Features
    • No dead spaces where dirt can collect
    • Can be cleaned in place
    • FDA-compliant seals
    • Protection class IP 66
    • Long-lasting design
    • Available in two versions: front hygiene (FH) and full hygiene (VH)
    • Seals available in other materials upon request
  • Benefits
    • Reduces time and money spent on cleaning
    • Improves reliability of production systems
    • Allows for cleaning of components while still fully installed
    • Meets hygiene requirements for a variety of industries

The GN 1150 hygienic design latch is a cam latch made of stainless steel with FDA-compliant seals. The seals prevent the accumulation of dirt, making the latch easy to clean. The latch can also be cleaned in place, which further reduces the time and effort required for cleaning.

The GN 1150 latch is available in two versions: front hygiene (FH) and full hygiene (VH). The FH version meets hygiene requirements on the actuation side, while the VH version meets hygiene requirements on both the actuation side and the latch arm side. When the latch arm is turned by 90 degrees, its beveled surfaces produce a tension that reliably presses covers, hatches, doors or covers against their opposing element (frame or body). The rotational movement is currently achieved with a simple blue plastic key featuring a socket with two wrench surfaces, which is available as an accessory under the designation GN 1151. Additional drive types are currently under development.

Both versions of the GN 1150 latch offer protection class IP 66, which means they are protected against the ingress of dust and heavy streams of water from any angle. The latches are also designed to be long-lasting.

The seals for the GN 1150 latch are available in other materials upon request. This allows the latches to be adapted to customer-specific media exposures.

The GN 1150 hygienic design latch is a versatile and reliable solution for a variety of applications. It is ideal for use in industries with high hygiene standards, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturing.

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