Highly Secure Indexing Plunger - GN 814


Lockable elements are common on machine and plant. Elesa+Ganter is now expanding its range of indexing elements to include the lockable stainless steel indexing plunger – GN 814. The integrated closing mechanism protects against unauthorized or accidental operation.

Lockable indexing plunger GN 814 is of stainless steel construction and has the same basic functions as Elesa+Ganter’s other tried and tested selection of indexing plungers. What’s new is the clever addition of a locking function for greater safety and security. This is accomplished with a lock integrated into the black plastic head. On types A and AK, the plunger pin is secured in the front position by turning the key 180 degrees and removing it. Once locked, the plunger cannot be moved out of the base position. On types E and EK, the plunger pin can additionally be secured in the rear position, offering a lockable way to prevent the plunger from engaging. This is useful in situations where the plunger pin must be kept from protruding at all times. On all types, the key can only be pulled out in the unlocked position to prevent unauthorized locking.

The stainless steel indexing plunger is available with two different lock versions: Lock type SC allows all indexing plungers in use to be operated with the same key, while lock type SU requires a different key for each indexing plunger.

To prevent unauthorized disassembly from its installation location or adjustment of the indexing plunger, the hex body used for screwing the part in or out is only accessible when the element is unlocked, and the head has been pulled back. A lock nut is available as an optional accessory that can be ordered with the type designations AK or EK with the appended “K” signifying a lock nut.

In some cases, it may be useful to additionally secure the indexing plunger and the lock nut against manipulation by gluing or welding the item.

More information on Elesa+Ganter standard parts can be found on OIC’s website by clicking here.



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