LAC-FL Cam Lever - Quick and Effective Clamping


The cam lever allows the quick and effective clamping of a panel (for example a door) to a structure (for example a frame).

The elastic retaining element in NBR rubber allows to obtain a perfect closure even in the event of vibrations or misalignment between the two parts.

By lowering the lever, the retaining element expands, allowing the door to be locked to the frame.

The body of the LAC-FL cam lever and the sliding base are in technopolymer. The self-locking nut and the washer are in AISI 304 stainless steel. Resistance to corrosion makes the new LAC-FL cam lever ideal for application in environments where high hygiene standards are required.

The LAC-FL cam lever is available in two executions:
• With free lever adjustable in any direction (LAC-FL-F-SST);
• With lever always oriented in the desired position, thanks to the anti-rotation pin (LA-GL-O-SST).

Also part of the range are LAC – LAC.R and GN 927.

More information on this Elesa+Ganter standard elements can be found by clicking here.



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