High-End Precision Guide Rollers (GN 753.1)


However unassuming they appear, high-end precision guide roller range of applications are enormous.  Elesa+Ganter is setting new standards with the guide roller generation GN 753.1: guide rollers with ball bearings achieve smooth and dynamic movements.

Even if guide rollers may seem to be uninteresting standard parts, these rollers with ball bearings are in exceptionally high demand. This is less surprising if you consider their central role in an extremely wide range of applications.

This is reason why Elesa+Ganter has expanded its guide roller collection to include the standard part GN 753.1. Even if this is a subordinate standard, hierarchically speaking, it does not represent a small optimization at all. In fact, it is an entirely new design. These guide rollers have a special deep groove ball bearing of hardened roller bearing steel and are available in six sizes from 22 to 50 millimeters outer diameter. The bearing features permanent lubrication and a typical 2Z seal to protect against dust and dirt. In other words, the bearing is covered on both sides by metal disks.

The outer race of the ball bearing is directly embedded in the POM plastic of the guide roller during the molding process. Each roller is machined to precise dimensions for an especially exact runout, which makes possible both cylindrical and convex shaping of the running surface. Convex rolling surfaces compensate for alignment errors by preventing them from running on corners or edges.

The rollers can be fastened using either of these ways: via the smooth bore of the inner bearing race using typical socket cap or shoulder screws or via a permanently riveted bearing pin, designed either with male or female thread. Both types of bearing pin are fitted with Torx drives to ensure optimal transfer of the tightening torque.

The smallest roller option can accept dynamic radial loads of up to 400 newtons, while the largest roller is rated for loads as high as 1,500 newtons. All rollers are designed for a lifetime performance of 200,000 meters and speeds of 0.4 meters per second.

More information on Elesa+Ganter standard parts can be found on our website here.



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