Elesa+Ganter DD52R-E-RF electronic position indicators with a wireless system for packaging machines.


Small production batches and different formats are setting a new trend among packaging, food, and pharmaceutical sectors. Plant and equipment require components able to offer high flexibility production issues.

Elesa+Ganter have responded to this request thanks to its new DD52R-E-RF electronic position indicators with radiofrequency wireless system.
The German JW Verpackungstechnik* company, customer of Otto Ganter GmbH is specialised in cartoners for small batches in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, consumer goods, food and other sectors. For its machines subject to frequent format switches the new Elesa+Ganter DD52R-E-RF position indicators are perfect.

Electronic position indicators with wireless system, an efficient manual spindle positioning, communicate via radio frequency directly with the UC-RF control unit which is connected to the machine PLC.

This system is particularly suitable for applications that require frequent format changes, facilitating the correct adjustment of the target/current position of the machine parts and their check from the PLC, also representing a safety system. In fact, if only one DD52R-E-RF indicator isn’t placed in the target position, the PLC won’t allow the machine to start the production cycle, thus avoiding production issues. In this way, the time needed for the setup is reduced to the minimum.

Moreover, the wireless system doesn’t need the supply cable installation and the data swap between indicators and the control unit. Therefore, time and errors sometimes generated by a difficult and expensive installation are reduced to the minimum.

The lack of cable makes the system suitable for its installation as a retrofit.

  • Thanks to the available functionalities and programmable parameters, a single position indicator can be used for several applications that require different drive shaft pitches, directions of rotation and units of measurement.
  • Wide display with 6 digits allows excellent readability even from long distance and from different viewing angles
  • IP65 or IP67 high protection degree for applications that require frequent washing
  • Corrosion resistance: AISI 304 stainless steel boss with Ø20 mm bore
  • Long battery life: over 3 years

Product technical datasheet, with designs and tables with codes and dimensions, are available on our website elesa-ganter.com.

*JW Verpackungstechnik (founded in 1989) have developed, manufactured and sold innovative cartoners for small batches. Both nationally and internationally – for companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, consumer goods, food and other sectors.

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