Opening and closing – with specialty hinges


From simple hinges for welding to multi-joint hinges with complex kinematics, the Elesa+Ganter selection has everything needed for superior door and flap solutions and other functionality.

You might think that when it comes to opening and closing, all the possibilities of hinges have already been exhausted. Not even close. Elesa+Ganter regularly succeeds in making further improvements to hinges, adding practical extra features or creating designs for very particular niche applications.

Whether you need a heavy-duty application, a 180° range of motion with high dynamic wear, a visually or magnetically detectable hinge, a friction brake or even electronically sensored. Elesa+Ganter have a hinge to suit your application need.

Other functionality offered by Elesa+Ganter hinges include variable friction, integrated dampening, indexing and locking functions, integrated springs ensures independent return of the hinge. This special product range, also includes, are being continually expanded by.

One kinematic design hinge, the GN 7237, is a multiple-joint hinge with 7x joint mechanism, that opens flaps and shifts their position at the same time. A full 180° rotation is the standard here, and for internal installation Elesa+Ganter makes use of slots.

Solutions are also available for appearance-sensitive applications: The closed hinge body of zinc die-cast hinges hides the fastening screws and is available in various sizes and other materials such as technopolymer, super-technopolymer, steel and stainless steel.

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