Telescopic Slides


Telescopic slides from Elesa+Ganter offer smooth running, wear-free and quiet, linear motion. They are used in a wide range of applications. The spectrum ranges from the most simple extensions and drawers to high-quality variants that are used in the industrial environment on machines, production systems, and equipment. The telescopic slides have a multitude of positive features and are still very interesting from an economic standpoint.

Elesa+Ganter designed the range of new standard telescopic rails to be suitable for use in a number of different areas. Telescopic rails are traditionally used for mechanical engineering and plant construction purposes, but are also ideal for other areas, such as vehicle and storage technology, or aviation and the medical sector. Stainless steel telescopic slides are also available off-the-shelf – along with FDA-compliant lubricants.

Depending on the length of the extension (between 300 and 1,500 mm), the telescopic slides are made up of two, three or four interconnected slides. These slides are guided by ball bearings, which are securely embedded by ball cages.

This makes partial extension, full extension and even over-extension possible. The portfolio even includes full extensions in both directions as a standard element. Elesa+Ganter product range includes a wide range of solutions in terms of features: Latches, dampening systems, self-retracting mechanisms and detach functions are available for each type. As usual, Elesa+Ganter can also provide customised adaptations for customers.

Despite the enormous variety on offer, Elesa+Ganter has a way to keep things clear for its customers. A matrix overview shows the main features of all telescopic slides at a glance. The Elesa+Ganter standard product data sheets provide details for each individual slide type. This user-friendly approach extends to mounting: Elesa+Ganter uses a clear table to show the relevant fastening holes for countersunk or socket cap screws, instead of providing a confusing overview of mounting holes.

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