Technopolymer Bridge Handles with Electrical Switch


Elesa+Ganter EBR-SWB and EBR-SWM bridge handles with built-in electrical switch, enable remote electrical operation of safety interlocking, and multiple latching systems, while one-handedly opening the related door or safety panel.

EBR-SWB handle is made from a glass-fibre reinforced polyamide material and has a built-in bistable normally open contact (NO). The switching takes place by pressing the purple button on the handle, which latches the contact closed until the button is pressed again. Found in the bridge handle section of the U-Handles family, this handle is used where a button needs to be held for a prolonged period of time. The latching of the switch contact makes the operation more user-friendly for the operator whilst maintaining safety.

EBR-SWM handle with a built-in monostable electrical switch is made up of a normally open contact (NO) and a normally closed contact (NC). The switching in this handle occurs by keeping the blue button pressed (non-latching contact). This handles main application is for use on machine doors or operator protection screens/curtains.

The bridge handle LEDs (green and red) can be configured, through external logic, to indicate the specific status of the button (e.g. button in neutral position, green LED on, button switched on, red LED off).

Both EBR-SWB and EBR-SWM handles with built-in electrical switch have an IP 65 protection class rating, in accordance with EN 60529 standard.

Standard executions that are available for these handles are:

– with back, right or left side output zinc-plated steel connector with 8 poles;

– with back, right or left side output 8-pole cable, lengths of 2.5 or 5 metres.

Product technical data sheets, along with drawings and tables with codes and dimensions are available on our website



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