GN 860


  • Type AP: Forked clamping arm, with two flanged washers
  • Type CP: Forked clamping arm, with two flanged washers and clamping screw GN 708.1
  • Type EP: Solid clamping arm, with clasp for welding


  • Coding M: Magnetic piston

Sheet metal parts

Case-hardened steel C10

Zinc plated, blue passivated

Bearing pins hardened

Bearing rivets


Air cylinder bearing pins


Double-action air cylinder

Max. pressure 6 bar

All moving parts

Lubricated with special grease

Clamping screw GN 708.1, type A

  • Steel, zinc plated, blue passivated
  • Rubber thrust pad 85 Shore A

The clamping principle of toggle clamps GN 860 is identical in construction and dimensions to the manually operated vertical toggle clamps GN 810 .

To ensure an extended life of the mechanical parts as well as the air cylinders the operating pressure should not exceed 6 bar and a compressed air maintenance unit should be installed upstream.

Toggle clamps GN 860 have a permanent magnet integrated into the piston. In conjunction with sensors GN 3380, it is possible to detect the end position, such as for implementing machine controls.

  • General information for toggle clamps 
  • List of Pneumatic Clamps 

  • Clamping Screws
  • Holders for Clamping Screws GN 801 (for Type AP)
  • Holders for Clamping Screws GN 809 (for Type EP)
  • Sensor GN 3380


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