GN 751

Version in Steel


Type B: Snap on spring pin

Type KL: Pin with KL-shaft safety

Type SL: Pin with SL-shaft safety

(only for d1 = 4 ... 16)


  • Tensile strength class 5
  • zinc plated, blue passivated

Shaft safetys

  • spring sheet metal
  • hardened and tempered
  • zinc plated, blue passivated

Version in Aluminium


  • Type KL: Pin with side mount ring
  • Type SL: Pin with safety clip

Aluminium AL

anodized, black

KL- / SL-shaft safetys

  • Spring steel
  • hardened and tempered
  • zinc plated, blue passivated

Version in Stainless Steel


  • Type A: Pin with safety circlip DIN 471

Stainless Steel AISI 303 NI


Safety circlip DIN 471

Stainless Steel

German Material No. 1.4122

Fork joints GN 751 consist of a fork head according DIN 71752 and a pin with KL-shaft (Type KL and SL) a pin with snap-on spring (Type B). Both versions can be dismantled without tools and moniter.

Size d1 = 12 is supplied with a fine thread M12x1.5 according to DIN. In practice, however, M12x1.25 is preferred. Standard DIN 71752 does not foresee size d1 = 20.

Fork heads in accordance with DIN 71752 with d1 = 25, 30, 35, 42 and 50 (only Steel Version) 

  • ISO-Fundamental Tolerances
  • Stainless Steel characteristics
  • Strength values of nuts

Types of fork joint shafts


The snap-on spring pin is easily mounted and dismantled. It is therefore particularly suitable for applications where the articulated connection needs to be loosened often.


The pin with side mount ring can be fitted and dismantled without tools, i. e. by hand.


The pin with safety clip requires a tool for dismantling (e.g. a screw driver). It is therefore better secured.


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