GN 291


  • Type R1: Right hand thread, shaft journal at one end
  • Type R2*: Right hand thread, shaft journal at both ends
  • Type L1: Left hand thread, shaft journal at one end
  • Type L2*: Left hand thread, shaft journal at both ends

* usually not available from stock

Guide tube

Version in Steel

Tube DIN 2391

Steel, chrome-plated SCR

Version in Stainless Steel*

Tube DIN 2462

Stainless Steel AISI 304 NI

* usually not available from stock

Spindle with trapezoidal thread

  • Steel respectively, Stainless Steel AISI 303
  • ball bearing

Lead nut


End cap


In addition to the standard stroke lengths specified in the above table for linear actuators GN 291 any stroke inside the maximum stroke length is available.

Besides the extensive range of tube clamp connectors there are a number of different components for fixing the linear actuators and to build linear actuator connectors.

In order to measure the displacement and positioning of the linear actuator connectors, digital as well as analogue position indicators can be installed and furthermore the guide tube can be provided with a longitudinal scale.

  • Linear actuator connectors, tube clamp connectors have to be ordered seperately.

  • Tube DIN 2462 in Stainless Steel NI

  • ISO-Fundamental Tolerances 
  • Stainless Steel characteristics 
  • Technical description of Linear actuators 

Ø Linear actuatorFx in NFy in N--Fz in N--Mx in NmMy in NmMz in Nm
l = 500l = 1000l = 1500l = 500l = 1000l = 1500---

The load data are applicable to linear actuators  GN 291,  GN 292  GN 293 made of Steel (SCR) or Stainless Steel (NI). The specified forces Fy and Fz cause a flexure of the guide tube of approx. 0.5mm.


A lead nut moves in axial direction over the ball bearing trapezodial thread spindle of the linear actuator. The follower ensures the anti-rotation and makes the link to the different linear actuator connectors. The linear actuators have been designed for manual operation (handwheel).

The positioning accuracy is 0.2 mm / 300 mm stroke, the maximum reverse play is 0.1 mm.

Guide tubes are available in chromed Steel (SCR) or Stainless Steel (NI) non-rusting. They made with the tolerance range of precision steel tubes DIN 2391 or DIN 2462.

A wide variety of different components are available in the tube clamp connector program to fix the linear actuators in place and to uprade these into linear actuator connectors.

Also, digital position indicators (DD52R / DD51) may be attached to measure the displacement or the positioning.

In applications where high torsion forces Mx occur, linear actuators with square tubing or double tube linear actuators should be given preference.

A wide variety of different components from the tube clamp connector program is also available for this design. The linear actuator connectors are composed of two-part elements, with the effect that the precision of the square tubes involves no special requirements.



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