Acetal-based technopolymer (POM), blue.


The modular structure, formed by means of the snap mounting of the individual segments (Fig.1), allows the lubricating jet to be channelled in the desired direction.

The length of the tube can be adapted to the specific application by adding or removing the appropriate number of segments via the snap fitting.

To form a complete modular system, coupling with a nozzle FHN, and a fitting is requiredFHJ(Fig.2).

Assembled without using seals, the system should therefore not be considered sealed.

Max input pressure: 4 bar (FHT.1/4), 2 bar (FHT.1/2).



Chemical compatibility

Material resistant to detergents, lubricants and oils, avoid contact with strong acids and bases.

To use fluids other than those listed, contact Elesa+Ganter’s technical department.

In any case we suggest to verify the suitability of the product under the actual working conditions.

Special executions on request

  • Tubes made from raw materials suitable for contact with food (FDA CFR.21 and EU 10/2011).
  • Tubes with a diameter of 3/4".

Accessories on request

Pliers to assemble the components.


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