High-resilience polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, black colour, matte finish.

Rotating pin

Acetal based (POM) technopolymer, black colour.

Standard executions

  • CFAX-B: nickel-plated brass bosses with threaded hole.
  • CFAX-SH: pass-through holes for countersunk head screws.
  • CFAX-CH: pass-through holes for cylindrical head screws.

Rotation angle (approximate value)

Max 215° (-35° and + 180° being 0° the condition where the two interconnected surfaces are on the same plane).

Do not exceed the rotation angle limit so as not to prejudice the hinge mechanical peformance.

To choose the convenient type and the right number of hinges for your application, see the Guidelines.

DescriptionMaximum working load
Ea [N]
Load at breakage
Ra [N]
Maximum working load
Er [N]
Load at breakage
Rr [N]
Maximum working load
E90 [N]
Load at breakage
R90 [N]
CFAX.40 B-M420018502402000100560
CFAX.40 SH-4130187029018002801370
CFAX.40 CH-4137134023015801801200
CFAX.49 B-M5400240044027601701320
CFAX.49 SH-5300266031026003202240
CFAX.49 CH-5360248031022702501460
CFAX.65 B-M6640400069044002201400
CFAX.65 SH-6520430072048002403760
CFAX.65 CH-6510370049052002602870

Execution CFK.

False hinge made up of a single body without rotation pin. It can be used for blocking fixed panels, when you want to obtain the same general aesthetical effect.


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