GN 854

Latch type toggle clamps

with trigger function

GN 854

Latch type toggle clamps
Latch type toggle clamps

GN 854

Latch type toggle clamps
Latch type toggle clamps


  • Type T2S: for welding


  • Coding 1: with bore for gear lever handle
  • Coding 2: with clamping arm

Clamping bearing / clamping arm


  • forged
  • weldable
  • blank

U-bolt latch / bearing pins

Steel St 37



Sheet metal steel


The outstanding feature of GN 854 latch type toggle clamps is their highly robust, sturdy and compact design, allowing their use under demanding conditions, e.g. exposure to high temperatures, dust, spray mist, etc.

The specially designed catch allows the forced loosening of the clamping by the clamping arm moving the U-bolt latch forward, e.g. for separating mould halves.

Latch type toggle clamps with bore (coding 1) are operated with a gear lever handle which is plugged into the latch and pulled off after operation. This saves space and has the added advantage that the gear lever handle is not exposed to adverse ambient conditions, e.g. becoming too hot to operate. The gear lever handle is not included in the delivery.

The catch can also be attached using screws or bolts.

If required, clamps and U-bolt latches are also available as separate parts; for replacement, the bearing pin is easily dismantled.


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