GN 863

Toggle Clamps

with magnetic piston

GN 863

Toggle Clamps
Heavy duty pneumatic toggle clamps

GN 863

Toggle Clamps
Heavy duty pneumatic toggle clamps


  • Type EPV: solid clamping arm


  • Coding M: Magnetic piston


cast steel

black lacquered

other parts

Steel St 60

zinc plated, blue passivated

Bearing pins


Double-action air cylinder

with adjustable cushioning

max. pressure 6 bar

All moving parts

lubricated with special grease

GN 863 heavy duty pneumatic toggle clamps have been constructed in such a way as to make them easy to unmount: The bearing pins are axially fixed with circlips. This allows the clamping arm to be modified once it is dismantled, to suit any particular application.

To ensure an extended life of the mechanical parts as well as the air cylinder the operating pressure should not exceed 6 bar. In addition a lubrication control unit should be fitted in the air line.

GN 863 pneumatic toggle clamps are available as version M (magnetic piston). In conjunction with a GN 896.3- proximity switch the piston position is sensed and the generated signal can be used in sequence control systems.


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