GN 821

Toggle latches

Steel / Stainless Steel

GN 821

Toggle latches

GN 821-NI

Toggle latches
Stainless Steel

GN 821

Toggle latches


  • Type A: without safety catch
  • Type S: with safety catch
  • Type SV: for safety catch with padlock
  • Type SS: with key lock

Identification No.

  • No. 1: long Type
  • No. 2: short Type

Version in Steel ST

zinc plated, blue passivated

Version in Stainless Steel NI

only Type A, S and SV

  • Parts in sheet metal AISI 304
  • Clamping hook / pin AISI 303

GN 821 toggle latches are used among others for the secure holding of flaps and container lids. The clamps will lock securely over the centre and are thus vibration proof.

The stroke w1 of the clamping hook can pull the parts to be clamped together by up to 6 mm. The range w2 can be adjusted on the M6 threaded spindle at the clamping hook.

The types S, SV and SS prevent unwanted release of the toggle latches.

In the standard version the toggle latches of type SS have the same lock and / or the same key.

The load specified in the table are simply guide line values for a nominal static pulling force which the lock can withstand. Depending on the conditions under which these toggle latches are used such as vibration or shock loads, the holding capacity can be adversely affected.

The catch bracket is included.


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