GN 761.1

Toggle latches

Steel / Stainless Steel, with lock mechanism

GN 761.1-NI

Toggle latches
Stainless Steel

GN 761.1-ST

Toggle latches

GN 761.1-NI

Toggle latches
Stainless Steel


  • Type G: Latch bolt with loop, with catch
  • Type T: Latch bolt with T-head, with catch

Version in Steel ST

Steel, zinc plated, blue passivated

Version in Stainless Steel NI

Stainless Steel AISI 304

Toggle latches GN 761.1 are especially suited for rapid closing and fastening of covers, container lids and boxes.

When the lever is closed, the eccentric configuration of the rod shaft causes the latch bolt to move towards the catch. At the end of the lever movement, the rod shaft has exceeded the eccentric dead center point, thereby automatically keeping the toggle latch closed.

For toggle latches GN 761.1 with lock mechanism, when the lever is closed, a safety hook clicks firmly into the base body. This prevents inadvertent or vibration-induced release from the clamping position. To open the latch, the safety hook can be unlocked with a single hand.

The latch bolts of the toggle latches can be adjusted within the adjustable range w2. The catch is included.


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