Control unit for DD52R-E-RF

PLC connection, data transmission via radio frequency


Control unit for DD52R-E-RF
Control unit for DD52R-E-RF


Control unit for DD52R-E-RF
Control unit for DD52R-E-RF


ABS reinforced polycarbonate, self-extinguishing.

Standard executions

  • UC-RF ETHERNET/IP: control unit with Ethernet/IP serial interface.
  • UC-RF PROFINET IO: control unit with Profinet IO serial interface.
  • UC-RF MODBUS TCP: control unit with Modbus TCP serial interface.

UC-RF control unit can manage up to 36 position indicators. DD52R-E-RF-.

Compatible for mounting on DIN RAIL. Two LEDs (green and red) for correct diagnostics.


Features and applications

UC-RF control unit, connected directly to PLC, receives the target positions and sends them to DD52R-E-RF electronic position indicators, receiving their current position (Fig.1).

This system is particularly suitable for applications that require frequent format changes, facilitating the correct adjustment of the target/current position of the machine parts, also representing a safety system.

In fact, even if a single DD52R-E-RF indicator is not placed in the target position, PLC doesn't allow the beginning of the machine production cycle, thus avoiding production issues.


Special execution on request

Control unit with Profibus, RS485 or RS232 serial interface.

Accessories on request

FC-UC: antenna extensions with SMA connector.


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