Magnetic measuring system

Length and angle modes


Magnetic measuring system
Magnetic measuring system


Magnetic measuring system
Magnetic measuring system

Features and applications

MPI-15 measuring system, made of a LCD multifunction display with built-in magnetic position sensor, combined with the magnetic band M-BAND-10 (to be ordered separately), is a complete system for the measurement of linear and angular displacement (with a minimum radius of 65 mm).

Characterised by an extremely easy assembly, it allows precise alignment and positioning, reducing time and machining procedures to the minimum.

  • Multifunction LCD with 5 function keys.
  • Absolute/ incremental mode.
  • Programmable offset function.
  • External battery power supply 1.5 VDC.
  • Buffered memory during battery substitution.
  • Accidental polarity inversion protection.
  • Magnetic sensor envelope material: anodized aluminium.

For further information read the operating instructions.

Technical data
Battery life1.5 years (C-type battery)
Resolution(1)0.1 mm - 0.01 in - 0.01°
Precision(2)0.1 mm
Repeat accuracy(3)0.001 mm
Operating speedmax. 5 m/s
Self-diagnosticbattery check, sensor check, magnetic tape check
Programmable measuring unitmillimetres, inches, degrees (angles)
Working temperature0 ÷ 50 °C
Storing temperature-20 ÷ +70 °C
Relative humidityMax. 95% at 25°C without condensation
Protection class

IP40 whole device

IP54 front side according to IEC 529

IP67 magnetic sensor

Interference protectionIEC 61000-4-2

(1) Resolution: the smallest change in length that the system is capable of displaying.

(2) Precision: the maximum deviation of the value measured by the system from the actual one.

(3) Repeat accuracy: the degree of closeness between a series of measures of the same sample, when the single measurements are carried out leaving the asurement conditions unchanged.

Accessories on request

Magnetic band M-BAND-10.

Special executions on request

The special plate display may be supplied with customised graphic symbols, marks or writings.

Magnetic sensor with cable length different from the standard executions shown in the table, up to 20 m maximum.

Assembly instructions

  1. Make a drilling of 42 +0.2/+0.5 mm x 90 +0.2/+0.5 mm in the metal sheet for the installation of the display.
  2. Fix the display to the panel by using the specific mounting bracket (the screw is included in the supply).
  3. Make a drilling of diameter 34 +0.2/+0.5 mm in the metal sheet for the installation of the battery case.
  4. Fix the battery case to the panel by using the specific nut.
  5. Fix the magnetic sensor by using M3 screws (not included in the supply). Distance between sensor and magnetic band to ensure a correct reading of the displacement: max 2.5 mm.


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