GN 949

Stainless Steel-Handwheels

GN 949-A

Stainless Steel-Handwheels
without handle

GN 949-D

Stainless Steel-Handwheels
with revolving handle

GN 949-A

Stainless Steel-Handwheels
without handle


  • Type A: without handle
  • Type D: with revolving handle

Bore codes

  • Version B: without keyway
  • Version K: with keyway

Stainless Steel precision casting

  • AISI CF-8
  • Hub machined
  • Rim turned
  • matt shot-blasted

Revolving handles

  • Plastic Duroplast, black, shiny finish
  • Spindle Stainless Steel AISI 304

The design of Stainless Steel-Handwheels GN 949 complies with the requirements of hygiene standards.

The revolving handles are made of Duroplast which, in general, provides good resistance to the impact of chemical agents.

  • Stainless Steel-Countersunk washers GN 184.5 (for axial fixing)


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