Safety solid handwheels



Safety solid handwheels
Safety solid handwheels


Safety solid handwheels
Safety solid handwheels


High-strength, reinforced phenolic based (PF) Duroplast, black colour, glossy finish.


Matte anodised aluminium.

(ELESA Original design - Reg. U.S. Pat. & TM Off.)

Standard execution

Safety coupling bushing with "Pull-coupling" assembly GN 000.5 hardened steel with ground sliding surfaces, reamed assembly hole and keyway in compliance with DIN 6885/2 tolerance P9.

Revolving handle I.301+x in Duroplast.


Special executions on request

These handwheels can be supplied with "Push-coupling". By inserting the bushing the other way round, the handwheel operates opposite to the standard way.

Instructions of use

Safety handwheels are designed in accordance with accident prevention rules: in case of push or accidental pressure when the machine is operating, the handwheel is disengaged and is in the rest position. Only by "Pulling" the handwheel parallel to the axis can the shaft operate: the two toothed elements inside the bushing fit into each other in order to couple the handwheel to the shaft. The handwheel returns automatically to its rest position when it is released after the operation.



The rim with internal rear scallops makes the grip and the manoeuvre of the handwheel easier.


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