GN 321.6

Safety handwheels

Aluminium, with needle bearings

GN 321.6-A

Safety handwheels
without handle

GN 321.6-D

Safety handwheels
with revolving handle

GN 321.6-A

Safety handwheels
without handle


  • Type A: without handle
  • Type D: with revolving handle

Handwheel body

  • Aluminium
  • Rim turned and polished
  • unmachined surfaces plastic coated black, matt

Coupling elements

  • Steel, hardened
  • Glide surfaces honed

Cover cap

Plastic, light grey

Cylindrical Revolving handles GN 598 

  • Plastic, technopolymer, black matt
  • Spindle steel, zinc plated, blue passivated

The hub cap protects the bearing from the ingress of dust and at the same time acts as a shroud for the mounting components.

The wheel hub is fitted with an inside groove to retain the hub cap on its segmented edge.

The hub cap is pushed into position by hand and it can be removed by levering it away at the relieved point with a screw driver.

The needle bearings are greased on assembly which should be ample for permanent lubrication.

  • Countersunk washer GN 184 (for axial fixing)


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