GN 369.5

Stainless Steel-Cranks

GN 369.5-A

Stainless Steel-Cranks
without slot

GN 369.5-N

Stainless Steel-Cranks
with slot

GN 369.5-A

Stainless Steel-Cranks
without slot


  • Type A: without slot
  • Type N: with slot

Stainless Steel AISI 304

  • shot-blasted
  • Crank butt-welded

Cover cap

Plastic, black

Revolving handle

  • Plastic, Duroplast, black, shiny finish
  • temperature resistant up to 110 °C

Stainless Steel-Cranks GN 369.5 feature a compact design and are used for light drive and positioning tasks. Thanks to the material used, the cranks are also suitable for more aggressive environments.

The slot of type N easily transfers the rotary movement to the shaft by means of a transverse pin mounted in the shaft. The crank can be connected removably or permanently fastened axially with a socket head cap screw DIN 912. Type A can be ordered with transverse holes for GN 110.

Thanks to a simple manufacturing process, it is relatively easy and inexpensive to produce these cranks as special designs.


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