GN 54.2

Retaining Magnets

Rod-Shaped, with Female Thread, with Fitting Tolerance

GN 54.2

Retaining Magnets
Retaining Magnets

GN 54.2

Retaining Magnets
Retaining Magnets



Materials of the magnet:


Samarium, cobalt

Temperature resistant up to 200 °C


Neodymium, iron, boron

Temperature resistant up to 80 °C

Identification of ND:

Magnetic area colored blue

Retaining magnets GN 54.2 are combined with a brass housing, the iron poles and the plastic insulation into a system that shields and considerably strengthens the magnet for optimal transmission of the magnetic flux onto the magnetic surface.

This special design is also known by the name “sandwich magnet” or “pole shoe magnet”.

* Mounting these retaining magnets directly in steel components will create a magnetic shortcircuit which reduces the retaining power by as much as 15%. To avoid this, the distance k should be maintained between the brass housing and steel part or installation hole.

  • Housing in stainless steel
  • Pols in stainless steel
  • Higher magnetic forces
  • Temperature resistance up to 280 °C


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