GN 52.1

Retaining magnets

rod-shaped, without bore, with / without fit tolerance

GN 52.1

Retaining magnets
Retaining magnets

GN 52.1

Retaining magnets
Retaining magnets

Identification No.

  • No. 1: Tolerance d = ±0.1
  • No. 2: Tolerance d = h6



  • Identification No. 1: zinc plated
  • Identification No. 2: blank

Materials of the magnet:


Aluminium, nickel, cobalt

temperature resistant up to 450 °C


Neodymium, iron, boron

temperature resistant up to 80 °C

Retaining magnets GN 52.1 are combined with a steel housing and insulation of brass/aluminum or plastic into a system that shields and strengthens the magnet for optimal transmission of the magnetic flux onto the magnetic surface.

The retaining magnets are easy to fasten securely by pressing, shrinking or gluing.


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