GN 1050.2


for Quick Release Couplings GN 1050 and Studs GN 1050.1

GN 1050.2-F

Fixed bearing

GN 1050.2-L

Floating bearing

GN 1050.2-F

Fixed bearing


  • F: Fixed bearing
  • L: Floating bearing

Steel ST

Zinc plated, blue passivated ZB

Countersunk screw ISO 10642

Steel, property class 8.8

Zinc plated, blue passivated

Flanges GN 1050.2 are available as accessories for mounting quick release couplings GN 1050 and studs GN 1050.1 to expand the attachment options of both fastening elements.

They are used wherever the standard fastening method of the couplings or studs using the central internal thread or threaded stud is not possible or suboptimal due to the surrounding structure. This can happen with aluminum profile systems or thinwalled parts that have insufficient strength to bear a point load.

Both the flange and the coupling can be positioned by inserting cam point pins or cylinder pins into the bores d3 to prevent unintended twisting. For coding L (floating bearing), the pin holes are designed to avoid restricting the radial offset of the coupling.

  • Other finishes e.g. powder coated




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