GN 1050.1


for Quick Release Couplings GN 1050 and Flanges GN 1050.2

GN 1050.1


GN 1050.1



  • Type A: With threaded stud
  • Type I: With internal thread

Steel ST

  • Tempered
  • Zinc plated, blue passivated

Studs GN 1050.1 position and attach components without tools using quick release couplings GN 1050 for a tight and repeatable fit. The dimensions and material properties of the studs have been precisely adapted to the couplings to ensure proper functionality.

The studs can be purchased individually so that multiple studs can be paired with a coupling in alternation, such as to efficiently position fixtures in different locations depending on the workpiece. The studs are fastened with threaded stud or internal thread, depending on the type.

To achieve the indicated load capacities, threaded holes on the application or inserted nuts and screws must meet at least property class 8.

Flanges GN 1050.2 are available as an accessory for mounting the studs and provide additional attachment options.

Nominal Sized2 Mounting thread Quick release couplingsd5 Mounting thread Studs GN 1050.1FZ Max. tensile load in kNFD Max. compressive load in kNFRMax. shear load in kN
2NM 10M 10252519
2NM 10M 12252519
2NM 12M 10252519
2NM 12M 12353528

Safety instructions:

The load capacities can only be achieved if the surrounding structure is capable of supporting these loads.

Any threaded holes on the application or inserted nuts and screws require at least property class 8.

Depending on the application, additional safety factors should be added.




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