Lead screw nuts

Trapezoidal thread, technopolymer


Lead screw nuts
Acetal resin based technopolymer


Lead screw nuts
Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer


Lead screw nuts
Acetal resin based technopolymer

Standard executions

Flanged nut with single-start trapezoidal thread, right-hand tightening direction.

  • NSF-W: polyamide-based self-lubricating technopolymer, beige colour.
  • NSF-F: acetal resin based self-lubricating technopolymer, produced from FDA compliant raw material (FDA EU 10/2011), white colour.

Features and applications

Together with NSL screws, NSF nuts form a system for converting rotation into linear motion (see Fig. 1).

The self-lubricating technopolymer structure ensures maximum cleanliness as it does not require lubrication with oils and greases.

They are often used in the packaging sector.

Thanks to the high wear resistance of the material, NSF-W nuts are particularly suitable for use in the presence of processing residues and dust such as those coming from woodworking machines and laboratory instruments.

Thanks to its material that has been approved for contact with food (FDA EU 10/2011), NSF-F nuts are particularly suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

To complete the system, position indicators and handwheels can also be integrated (see Fig. 1).


Accessories on request

NSL: screws for NSF.

Special executions on request

  • Nuts with different sizes and threads.
  • Nuts in high temperature resistant technopolymer.
  • Nuts with left-hand tightening direction.
  • Nuts with multi-start threads.


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