GN 134.7

Two-Way Locking Slide Units


GN 134.7

Two-Way Locking Slide Units
Linear actuators and linear actuators connectors

GN 134.7-D

Two-Way Locking Slide Units
with spring plunger

GN 134.7-G

Two-Way Locking Slide Units
with tapped hole

GN 134.7-R

Two-Way Locking Slide Units
with indexing plunger

GN 134.7

Two-Way Locking Slide Units
Linear actuators and linear actuators connectors


  • Type G: With thread
  • Type R: With indexing plunger
  • Type D: With spring plungers


Powder coated

Black, RAL 9005, textured finish SW

Fastening elements / transfer elements

  • Socket cap screws DIN 912
  • Hex nuts DIN 985
  • Centering bushings

Stainless steel AISI 304

Indexing plunger GN 717, type CK

  • Plunger pin

Stainless steel AISI 303

  • Knob
  • Plastic (Polyamide PA)
  • Black, matte finish

Spring plunger GN 615.9, type KN

  • Stainless steel AISI 304, ball with friction bearing
  • With internal hexagon
  • Stainless steel lock nut ISO 4035

With two-way locking slide units GN 134.7, recurring positions along a square construction tube can be moved to easily and quickly. The required holes for type R or countersinks for type D can be created by the user according to the design instructions or ordered as completely finished construction tubes with locking holes GN 990.1 

For quick clamping without tools, the socket cap screws at the locations z, can be replaced with adjustable hand levers GN 911  listed in the table as accessories. Centering bushings in the pass-through holes eliminate the axial play between the top and bottom parts of the locking slide units.

Two-way locking slide units GN 134.7 are delivered with unmounted indexing plunger (Type R) or spring plunger (Type D). Type G with thread is universally suitable for specific applications.

  • Adjustable Hand Levers GN 911 

The square dimensions of the locking slide units are designed for construction tubes GN 990. These can be fitted with locking holes (B or S) by the user according to the dimensions specified in the table.

Construction tubes with locking holes can be ordered as standard part GN 990.1  cut to length and completely ready for installation.

S Square Vd6 + 0.3 Bore B (for type R)d7 +0.3 Countersink S (for type D)For locking slides
V 25B 5S 2.5V 25
V 30B 5S 2.5V 30
V 40B 8S 4.5V 40
V 50B 8S 4.5V 50



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