GN 900.6

Rotary tables

GN 900.6

Rotary tables
Rotary tables

GN 900.6

Rotary tables
Rotary tables

Rotary disc

Stainless Steel AISI 303

all other parts

Steel (some zinc plated)

ad/ or Brass

Control knob


black anodized

Rotary tables GN 900.6 is a turning unit for manual operation. To get the turning movement we use a high quality worm gear.

The rotary table is also fitted with a fastadjustment and for this purpose a grub screw on the side of the rotary disc has to be released. In addition the rotary disc can also be clamped via an easily accessible grub screw. In both cases internal conically shaped arresting components come into use.

  • Adjustable slide units GN 900
  • Mounting plate GN 900.4 (for clamping to an adjustable slide unit)

d1Rotating rangeConcentricity tolerancecircular runout tolerancemax. entry torque MDmax. load capacity od rotary disc unclampedmax. load capactiy of rotary disc clamped MKF max. in Newton
55± 0.02± 0.021.5 Nm5 Nm10 Nm50
80± 0.03± 0.032.5 Nm5 Nm10 Nm100


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