GN 6311.5

Foot Plates

for Grub Screws DIN 6332, Stainless Steel

GN 6311.5

Foot Plates
Stainless Steel-Foot plates

GN 6311.5-G

Foot Plates
With plastic cap, gliding

GN 6311.5-N

Foot Plates
Without plastic cap

GN 6311.5-R

Foot Plates
With plastic cap, non-gliding

GN 6311.5

Foot Plates
Stainless Steel-Foot plates


  • Type OS: without plastic cap
  • Type KS: with plastic cap, gliding
  • Type KR: with plastic cap, non-gliding

Stainless Steel

AISI 304

Retaining spring

Stainless Steel AISI 301

Plastic caps

Type KS

Technopolymer (Polyacetal POM)

white (natural colour) RAL 9001

Type KR

Elastomer (TPE)

Hardness ≈ 75 Shore A


Stainless Steel-Foot plates GN 6311.5 are used in connection with screws with pivots (grub screws DIN 6332 for installing and leveling devices and mechanisms.

Owing to the special shape of the immovable retaining spring, the foot plate is easily plugged onto and removed from, the pivot.

The types KS and KR with plastic cap prevent damage to sensitive surfaces. Due to the large plate diameter d1, the contact pressure remains within tolerable limits.

Grub screwsDIN 6332 


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