GN 438

Spacer disks and foot disks

with rubber underlay, vulcanized

GN 438

Spacer disks and foot disks
Spacer disks and foot disks

GN 438

Spacer disks and foot disks
Spacer disks and foot disks


  • Type A: Mounting with fixing hole
  • Type B: Mounting with adhesive pad


zinc plated, blue passivated

Rubber underlay

Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)

  • vulcanized
  • black
  • temperature resistant up to 120 °C
  • Hardness Shore A 70

Adhesive pad (only type B)

Scotch mount TM 5952

  • double-sided
  • Acrylate rubber core

GN 438 spacer disks and foot disks provide a damping and muffling function and protect surfaces from damage.

By stacking several spacer discs on each other, the spring rate of the package can be increased, which opens up new possibilities for use.

Foot disks are used for installing small machines, systems or devices and, for the type A, are attached with screws. Bear in mind the maximum height of the screw head. Alternatively, after the protective film has been removed, the type B can be adhered to all suitable and clean surfaces by means of the adhesive pad.

  • other Shore hardnesses


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