Square tube connectors

Technopolymer and steel


Square tube connectors
Monodimensional two-way connector


Square tube connectors
Bidimensional two-way connector


Square tube connectors
Bidimensional three-way connector


Square tube connectors
Bidimensional four-way connector


Square tube connectors
Tridimensional three-way connector


Square tube connectors
Tridimensional four-way connector


Square tube connectors
Tridimensional five-way connector


Square tube connectors
Tridimensional six-way connector


Square tube connectors
Monodimensional two-way connector


It consists of two parts made out of polyamide (PA) based technopolymer, black or grey colour, matte finish.


Zinc-plated steel or stainless steel (STC-SST).


Black or grey, matte finish.

Standard executions

  • 1A-2W: monodimensional two-way connector.
  • 2A-2W: bidimensional two-way connector.
  • 2A-3W: bidimensional three-way connector.
  • 2A-4W: bidimensional four-way connector.
  • 3A-3W: tridimensional three-way connector.
  • 3A-4W: tridimensional four-way connector.
  • 3A-5W: tridimensional five-way connector.
  • 3A-6W: tridimensional six-way connector.

Index for connectors with reinforcement:

  • R: zinc-plated steel reinforcement.
  • R-M10: zinc-plated steel reinforcement with threaded hole.
  • R-SST: stainless steel reinforcement.

Features and applications

Suitable for creating structures composed by square profiles. The assembly can be performed simply by positioning the connector, forcing it, inside the profile, with no need of screws or other fasteners.

The maximum limit static load for each arm of the connectors with steel reinforcement (STC-R and STC-R-SST) is shown in Fig. 1. The maximum limit static load is the value above which, under particular conditions of use, the load applied to the element may cause breakage. As a consequence, a suitable factor must be applied to this value, according to the importance and safety level of the specific application.


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