Support clamp for panels and electro-welded mesh

Mounting of the panel without drilling


Support clamp for panels and electro-welded mesh
Support clamp for panels and electro-welded mesh


Support clamp for panels and electro-welded mesh
Support clamp for panels and electro-welded mesh


Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide (PA) SUPER-technopolymer, matte finish, RAL 9005 (C9) black colour or RAL 7040 (C33) grey colour.

Vibration-damping pads

Made out of NBR rubber, hardness 90 Shore A, supplied assembled.

Screw and nut

AISI 304 stainless steel, M5 thread.

  • PPR.25: countersunk head screw with hexagon socket (UNI 5933).
  • PPR.30: cylindrical-head screw with hexagon socket (UNI 9327).

Standard executions

  • PPR: for the mounting of panels, without vibration-damping pads.
  • PPR-A: for the mounting of panels, with vibration-damping pads.
  • PPR-R: for the mounting of electro-welded mesh (max thread diameter 3 mm), without vibration-damping pads.

Features and applications

  • PPR.25: for square profiles of 25 mm or 1".
  • PPR.30: for square profiles of 30 mm.
  • Rubber vibration-damping pads to ensure the locking of the panel even in the presence of strong vibrations and for the different dimensional tolerances compensation.
  • The distance of 7.5mm of the panel with respect to the profile avoids areas of dirt accumulation.
  • Safety in compliance with ISO 13857, paragraph 4.2.4.
  • The safety distance (D) is the minimum required distance between the protection structure and the potentially dangerous element of the machine (Fig.1).

Assembly of the clamp on the profile

Panel drilling is not required for mounting.

Tighten the clamp against the profile and the panel or the electro-welded mesh using the screw and the nut included in the package.



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