GN 315.1

Snap locks

two locking distances A

GN 315.1

Snap locks
Snap locks

GN 315.1

Snap locks
Snap locks


Zinc die casting

  • corrosion-resistant, ZNDG Pass. nano®-coating
  • anthracite coloured

Locating ring

additionally plastic coated

black, matt textured finish


Plastic (Polyamide PA)


Push button

Plastic (Polyamide PA)

light grey

Hexagon nut

Steel zinc plated, blue passivated

Snap locks GN 315.1 are characterised by a radial, spring-loaded slide causing the locking action.

When closing the door, the locking action sets in automatically. The bevelled slide is first pushed back via an appropriately arranged lug and then moved into the locking position by the pressure spring.

The door is unlocked via the push button.

If no operating element is needed to operate the door or if such element is arranged separately, snap locks GN 315.1 are used.


These snap locks can be used to latch a door, but not to clamp it.

This is why it is important to position the locking distance A (door + frame width) with great accuracy and precision.

For installation, set a bore diameter in the door as shown in the outline drawing.

The snap lock is pushed through the bore diameter from the front and mounted from the back with a hexagon nut.

The installation bore diameter in the door leaf is usually generated by punching or laser machining in series production.

For small series and steel sheets below 2 mm thickness, the sheet metal punshes GN 123 are the tool of choice.

The installation bore diameter can also be set by drilling / milling as shown in the outline drawings.


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