GN 936

Slam latches

with and without lock

GN 936

Slam latches
with lock

GN 936-SCL

Slam latches
Lockable (same lock)

GN 936-SL

Slam latches
Not lockable

GN 936-SUL

Slam latches
Lockable (different lock)


Slam latches
without lock

GN 936

Slam latches
with lock


  • Type SL: not lockable
  • Type SCL: lockable (same lock)
  • Type SUL: lockable (different lock)


Zinc die casting

plastic coated

black, RAL 9005, textured finish SW

silver, RAL 9006, textured finish SR

Covers and latch


  • black-gray for SW
  • light gray for SR

Lock mechanism

Zinc die casting


Steel, nickel plated

other parts

Steel zinc plated, blue passivated

GN 936 slam latches enable doors and closures to be effortlessly closed. The latch engages automatically when the door is closed preventing the door from opening unintentionally.

The slots enable the slam latch to be fitted to profile systems with different cross-sections.

The lockable versions of the slam latches (SCL and SUL types) are each supplied with 2 keys. The key can be removed in both end positions.


Prior to installation remove the slam latch cover as shown in the sketch. Socket head cap screws DIN 912, hexagon head screws DIN 933 and hexagon nuts ISO 4032 each with thread size M 6 can be used for mounting the slam latch.

After installation the covers are reassembled in reverse order. The covers cannot be removed when the slam latch is closed and consequently protect against vandalism.

The slots allow the slam latch to be fitted to the door frame or profile systems both from the operating side and from the rear. The installation clearance of 1 mm is also easy to adjust.



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