GN 117


GN 117


GN 117



  • Type SG: with star knob

Star knob DIN 6336

Plastic (Polyamide PA)

black, matt

Cam latch

Sheet Steel

zinc plated, blue passivated

Bolt and distance piece


zinc plated, blue passivated

Latches GN 117 are vibration proof and they have a pulling-in range of 10 mm. Locking is achieved by turning the knob clockwise.

Attention is drawn to its simple and hence cost saving installation.


By turning the latch clockwise the stepped and spring loaded cam latch moves up behind the door frame and pulls the door in.

The large pulling-in range of the cam (10 mm) allows these locks to be used successfully on doors with sealing strips. When selecting distance ,Z` the thickness of the door seal might have to be taken into cosideration. The spring loaded cam (disc spring) prevents the door from opening under vibration.

A hole of 16 mm Ø is required in the door at a distance of 23 mm from door frame to hole centre. The bolt is inserted from the front. The distance piece, cam latch and disc springs follow on the shaft on the inside in that sequence.

The self-locking nut is fitted with a torque to allow free movement of the latch.

T+Zl max.
≤ 13.531
≤ 1835.5
≤ 22.540
≤ 2744.5
≤ 31.549
≤ 3653.5
≤ 40.558
≤ 4562.5
≤ 49.567
≤ 5471.5
≤ 58.576
≤ 6380.5


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