GN 715

Side thrust pins

Press-On Type

GN 715

Side thrust pins
Side thrust pins

GN 715

Side thrust pins
Side thrust pins


  • Type SA: Thrust pin steel, without seal
  • Type KA: Thrust pin plastic, without seal
  • Type SB: Thrust pin steel, with seal
  • Type KB: Thrust pin plastic, with seal

Housing aluminum


Type SA / SB

Thrust pin steel, hardened

Zinc plated, blue passivated

Type KA / KB

Thrust pin plastic polyacetal (POM)

Pressure spring coding

Force, low thrust: gray

medium thrust: black

high thrust: silver


Rubber NBR (Perbunan®)

Spring loaded side thrust pins GN 715 are versatile and practical elements for holding, positioning and clamping of workpieces.

They eliminate costly alternatives, are space saving and easy to install. The knurled body requires only a hole tolerance of H8.

For mounting the side thrust pins a suitable mounting tool GN 715.1 is available (see table).

w = Movement of pin

F = Side thrust in N

initial thrust = F0

end thrust = 1.1 x F0

a2-a1 = Clamping range for workpiece

x = distance centre line – thrust point at w2

x1 for highest thrust point (a1)

x2 for lowest thrust point (a2)

l0 = Distance end stop – bore of thrust bush

l0 = lm + x

lm = Average length of workpiece lmax. + lmin./2

For contact points (workpiece height) between a1 and

a2 a value for x has to be used lying between x1 and

x2 (interpolation).


By observing the above values the full movement of the side thrust pin will be available to cover the tolerance of the workpiece.


For inserting the side thrust pins the use of a mounting tool GN 715.1 or spanner GN 713.1 is recommended.


Eccentric bushes  GN 715.2  are tooling accessory for GN 714 /GN 715. They enable a precise optimum setting of side thrust pins. This allows an adjustment to l0 to accommodate for instance a larger tolerance range on a workpiece.



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