GN 616.1

Spring plungers

Steel / Stainless Steel, with sealed bolt

GN 616.1-S/SS

Spring plungers
Spring plungers, Steel

GN 616.1-SN

Spring plungers
Spring plungers, Stainless Steel

GN 616.1-S/SS

Spring plungers
Spring plungers, Steel


  • Type S: Steel, with standard spring load
  • Type SS: Steel, with high spring load
  • Type SN: Stainless Steel, with standard spring load

Type S / SS

  • Housing Steel, blackened
  • Bolt steel, hardened

Type SN

  • Housing Stainless Steel AISI 303
  • Bolt Stainless Steel AISI 303


Stainless Steel AISI 303

Sealing ring

Rubber NBR (Perbunan)

Identification of type SS:

Housing with 2 longitudinal markings

GN 616.1 Stainless Steel-Spring plungers are used for locking as well as for pressure and hold-off functions. Entry of liquids and dirt is prevented by the seal.

The slit on the plunger side is used for screwing into pocket holes. For this, a special screwdriver is available as GN 616.5-M... (see table).

  • Screw drivers GN 616.5 (Code no. see table)


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