GN 113.30

Ball Lock Pins


GN 113.30-L

Ball Lock Pins
With L-Handle

GN 113.30-M

Ball Lock Pins
With hollow for grip

GN 113.30-T

Ball Lock Pins
With T-Handle

GN 113.30-L

Ball Lock Pins
With L-Handle


  • Type M: With hollow for grip
  • Type L: With L-Handle
  • Type T: With T-Handle





Handle (type L / T)

Plastic (Polyamide PA), black

Temperature resistant up to 80 °C

Compression spring

Corrosion-resistant alloy 2.4610

Temperature resistant up to 400 °C

Ball lock pins GN 113.30 are used for quick fixing, connecting and locking of various parts and workpieces. A typical application are locating pins which have often to be removed and installed again.

By pressing the spring loaded push button, both balls are unlocked and by releasing it, the balls are locked again.

Due to the selected material, ball lock pins GN 113.30 are suitable for use in highly corrosive environments. The titanium material also results in a 40% weight reduction compared to a similar part of steel or stainless steel.

The titanium version is used in lightweight construction, maritime applications and in chemical production.

The technical section contains the load capacities for the double-sided shearing resistance (breaking strength).

  • Stainless Steel Retaining Cable GN 111.8

  • With round knob


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