GN 822.6

Mini indexing plungers

with and without rest position

GN 822.6

Mini indexing plungers
Mini indexing plungers

GN 822.6

Mini indexing plungers
Mini indexing plungers


  • Type B: without rest position
  • Type C: with rest position

Guide Steel zinc plated, blue passivated


Stainless Steel AISI 303


Stainless Steel AISI 301

Knob Plastic (Polyamide PA)

  • black, matt
  • not removable

Mini indexing plungers GN 822.6 are distinguished for their small dimensions.

Based on the principle of the GN 822 GN 607 GN 607.1 mini indexing plungers, this model combines their clever type of construction with a complete series of all current sizes of bolts and threads. They provide a reasonably priced alternative to the GN 822 GN 607 GN 607.1 / GN 822 GN 607 GN 607.1 indexing plungers of the appropriate sizes. To mount, first turn the mini indexing plunger in with the knurled button. Pulling the indexing pin will release the hexagon nut which can then be tightened with an open-end spanner.

They are inserted into position by holding them by the serrated knob. The spanner flats on the lock nut are revealed when retracting the pin, so that the mini indexing plunger can be easily tightened by means of a fork spanner.

In type C, the button can be turned by 30° after retracting the indexing pin, holding it in the “retraced” position using the indexing lock.

Distance bushings GN 609.5  or flat hexagonal nuts GN 909 are to be ordered seperately.


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