GN 817.1

Indexing plungers

with flange for surface mounting, with or without rest position

GN 817.1

Indexing plungers
Indexing plungers

GN 817.1

Indexing plungers
Indexing plungers


  • Type B: without rest position
  • Type C: with rest position


Zinc die casting

plastic coated

black, matt textured finish


Stainless Steel AISI 303

  • chemically nickel plated


Plastic (Polyamide PA)

  • black, matt
  • red RT RAL 3000, add RT on order code
  • not removable

Indexing plungers GN 817.1 (Type C) are used for such applications wehere the plunger has to stay in its retracted position. To achieve this, the knob is rotated 90° degrees after being retracted. A notch keeps the plunger in this position.

  • Indexing plungers with T-Handle


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