GN 613

Indexing plungers

Steel / Stainless Steel without rest position

GN 613

Indexing plungers
Steel with Plastic knob

GN 613-NI

Indexing plungers
Stainless Steel with Plastic knob


Indexing plungers
Stainless Steel knob

GN 613

Indexing plungers
Steel with Plastic knob


  • Type A: with Plastic-Knob, without lock nut
  • Type AK: with Plastic-Knob, with lock nut
  • Type AN: with Stainless Steel-Knob, without lock nut
  • Type AKN: with Stainless Steel-Knob, with lock nut
  • Type G: with threaded rod, without lock nut
  • Type GK: with threaded rod, with lock nut


  • blackened
  • Pin hardened

Stainless Steel AISI 303 NI

Pin chemically nickel plated

Knob Type A / AK

  • Plastic (Polyamide PA)
  • black, matt
  • not removable

Knob Type AN / AKN

  • Stainless Steel AISI 303
  • not removable

Type G or GK of the GN 613 indexing plungers have been designed for applications where the indexing plunger is not operated with the standard knob.

The indexing plungers are designed such that the plunger set in the end position (spring is "on block") can also absorb axial forces. For applications in which these forces are substantially above the tensile force applied by the operator (Type G), GN 817 indexing plungers are to be preferred.

A special screw driver GN 613.1 is available. Two slots are provided in the upper end of the body which are accessible with the knob in its retracted position.


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