GN 330

Cables with connector coupling M12x1

GN 330

Cables with connector coupling M12x1
Cables with connector coupling M12x1

GN 330

Cables with connector coupling M12x1
Cables with connector coupling M12x1


  • Type G: Connector coupling straight
  • Type W: Connector coupling 90° angled

Handle (Housing)


Polyurethan-Elastomer TPU

Cable (Outer sheath)

Polyurethan PUR


Temperature resistance: -40 °C ... +90 °C

Insulating resistance: > 109 Ω

Degree of pollution: 3 / 2

according to EN 60664-1

Protection class: IP67

(in screwed condition)

according to EN 60529

Connecting nut M8x1 / M12x1

Brass, nickel plated

Cables with connector coupling GN 330 are used in conjunction with standard elements which have an electric switching function.

  • other cable lengths l1

Cable with plug-in connectord Outside diameterCross-sectionOperating voltage acc. to IEC 60 664-1Current load rating acc. to IEC 60512-3Contact assignment
3-pole (3-wire) with M8x143 x 0.25 mm2max. 60 V4 A____logo__330_SB-35084-0__
4-pole (4-wire) with M8x14.34 x 0.25 mm2max. 60 V4 A____logo__330_SB-38181-0__
4-pole (4-wire) with M12x154 x 0.34 mm2max. 250 V4 A____logo__330_SB-20715-0__
5-pole (5-wire) with M12x155 x 0.34 mm2max. 60 V4 A____logo__330_SB-20717-0__
8-pole (8-wire) with M12x168 x 0.25 mm2max. 30 V2 A____logo__330_SB-20716-0__
12-pole (12-wire) with M12x1612 x 0.14 mm2max. 30 V1.5 A____logo__330_SB-20704-0__

This adaptable cable, suitable for drag chains, features and outer jacket made of PUR and a core insulation made of polypropylene. It is free of PVC, silicon and halogens. UL and CSA approvals are available.


The cable is also resistant to oil, chemical, hydrolysis, microbes and welding sparks and flame retardant under IEC 60332-2-2 which makes the cable the perfect choice in many applications.


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