GN 426

Cabinet U-handles


GN 426

Cabinet U-handles
Cabinet "U" handles

GN 426

Cabinet U-handles
Cabinet "U" handles

Aluminium AL

d1 = 20: Solid material

d1 = 28: Tube-Ø 28 x 4

plastic coated

black, RAL 9005, textured finish SW

silver, RAL 9006, textured finish SR

white, RAL 9016, antimicrobial WSA

blank, tumbled BL

Threaded bushings


GN 426 cabinet „U“ handles are made from a bent aluminum profile and have excellent stability and ergonomic design. Due to the production process, special designs can be supplied even in relatively small quantities.

In addition to the standard surfaces, these cabinet „U“ handles are also available with a functional coating.

The WSA version has a powder coating based on zinc molybdate, which gives it antimicrobial properties. The principle of action, which is activated by the presence of moisture, demonstrably reduces the growth of viruses, bacteria, and fungi within 24 hours, so that contaminated surfaces ultimately have less than 0.2% of the original number of microbes.

Standard elements with antimicrobial plastic coating are primarily used in the health care sector and in public buildings, such as airports, train stations, stadiums, etc.


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