Anti-rotation vacuum cup suspensions

Threaded connection male, steel, aluminium and brass


Anti-rotation vacuum cup suspensions
Male straight threaded connection


Anti-rotation vacuum cup suspensions
Male L-shaped threaded connection


Anti-rotation vacuum cup suspensions
Male straight threaded connection


Brass or nickel-plated brass stem.

Stainless steel spring.

Zinc-plated steel or brass threaded sleeve.

Quick fitting in blue anodised aluminium.

Standard executions

  • VPC-M: with male straight threaded connection.
  • VPC-M-L: with male L-shaped threaded connection.

Features and applications

VPC vacuum cup suspensions comprise:

  • a brass stem with a hexagonal section for fixing the vacuum cup. This conformation prevents the shank and the vacuum cup fixed on it from rotating on its axis;
  • a steel or brass threaded sleeve, equipped with two tightening ring nuts, for quick assembly of the vacuum cup suspension to the automation device;
  • a spring to cushion the impact of the vacuum cup and at the same time maintain a constant pressure with the load to be lifted;
  • a quick fitting for connection to the suction hose.

Suitable for vacuum cups with a minimum diameter of 45 mm and a maximum of 110 mm.

The effective spring stroke is functional to the length (l3) of the stem, in particular:

  • 16 mm for a length of 28 mm
  • 49 mm for a length of 65 mm
  • 74 mm for a length of 95 mm

Compatible with 6x8 diameter plastic hose.

See Technical Data for vacuum cups .


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