Vibration-damping elements

Elesa+Ganter chose NR Natural Rubber to set up a wide range of vibration mounts, also called vibration-damping elements, which are ideal for machinery in a number of industries. They are designed to dampen vibrations that can cause bad functioning, impact or noise generated by moving parts or vibrating masses on unbalanced machines. These vibration-damping elements are discreet and absorb shocks and sounds to help create a less disrupting environment.The wide selection includes rubber buffers, anti-vibration mounts, spring mounts and wire rope isolators.– Rubber buffersElesa+Ganter rubber buffers are made from high quality steel. They have been meticulously-designed to dampen vibrations and noise produced by movement or by non-balanced equipment.For those in the food and medical industries, maintaining a calm environment is of paramount importance. This can be difficult to achieve with friction generated by constant human movement or the vibrating hum of machinery.– Anti-vibration mountsElesa+Ganter oval mounting and square mounting flanges are composed of two metallic elements joined together by a rubber anti-vibration body. These vibration-damping elements can be fixed to the machine and to the floor or wall for a secure solution that silences unnecessary noise.In the catalogue you can also find double acting flange mounts which isolate particularly strong vibrations. These are suitable for use with machine tools, presses for moulding plastics materials, special machines and shock absorption.Elesa+Ganter also provides metal cushions which can be used for isolating vibration. These vibration damping pads are made from stainless steel and can be used over a range of temperatures.– Spring mounts and wire rope isolatorsElesa+Ganter spring mounts are manufactured using nitrile rubber. They comprise a body and non-slip coating which is fixed with a zinc-plated screw and spring. These components are vital in isolating vibrations that reduce the life of costly machinery.Wire rope isolators are ideal for isolating vibrations and absorbing shock where axial holding force is required. They are made with stainless steel and comprise two pairs of bars which are joined together with a coil. These elements come in varieties of four, six, and eight coils. Their ideal use is with HVAC, pumps, purification and desalination plants, instrumentation panels, rail, naval and military.


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