Ball transfer units



Ball transfer units
Technopolymer ball


Ball transfer units
Stainless steel ball


Ball transfer units
Technopolymer ball


Body in acetal-based technopolymer, white colour.

Internal support and transfer balls of the main ball in stainless steel.

Standard executions

  • UTB-P: main ball in acetal-based technopolymer (POM), white colour.
  • UTB-SST: main ball in stainless steel.

Features and applications

UTB ball transfer units are particularly suitable for applications on transfer and conveyor lines or end of production lines.

They facilitate both linear and rotational movements favouring maximum smoothness.

The self-lubricating technopolymer structure ensures maximum cleanliness as it does not require lubrication with oils and greases.

The technopolymer ball lends itself to handling loads with delicate surfaces.

The stainless steel ball lends itself to handling loads with sharp and angular surfaces.

Furthermore, since these are corrosion-resistant materials, it is possible to wash them, even frequently.

Accessories on request

GN 509.3:spring rings in stainless steel to allow easy, quick insertion and removal of UTB units.


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