Profiles for ELEROLL roller tracks



Profiles for ELEROLL roller tracks
Profiles for ELEROLL roller tracks


Profiles for ELEROLL roller tracks
Profiles for ELEROLL roller tracks

Standard executions

  • RLT-AL-AN: anodised aluminium, natural colour.
  • RLT-AL-BL: aluminium, natural colour.
  • RLT-AL-AN-SL: anodised aluminium, natural colour, slotted holes.

Features and applications

The profile can hold up to 11 RLT-U, RLT-U15 roller elements or RLS-U ball elements. The particular section of the profile allows the interlocking fixing of the roller and ball elements without the need for screws or other fasteners.

The profile ensures a high resistance to bending under load, and the assembly of the roller tracks, even in case of not complete support (Fig. 2), without the need for other supports.

Special executions on request

Profiles with length different from the standard executions (maximum length 2970 mm).

Assembly instructions

Fix the profile to the supporting structure with screws of suitable size (Fig.1) and number for the specific application, by making appropriate holes in the base of the profile.

The profile can be mounted in two points of support (Fig.2) or in complete support (Fig.3).

For the drainage of any fluids that can collect inside the profile (for example in case of applications on machines and equipment whose parts must be frequently cleaned by using water jets, for hygienic reasons) it is recommended to make holes of appropriate size and shape in the base of the profile.

Technical data

See: ELEROLL Modular roller tracks.


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